Extend Your Tent, Inc was founded in April of 2018.  We are a charitable organization set to inform, encourage, and educate families interested in adoption and foster care.  Our organization has been holding official educational classes since October of 2017 and we offered our first Interest Free Loan in June of 2019.  One of our goals is to help families with a heart of adoption overcome the financial burden, keeping them from a child in need of a home. We hope to accomplish this through our Interest Free Loan Program.

How to apply?

Who can apply?

  • Adoptive families who have a completed homestudy and matched with a child through a licensed adoption attorney or agency.

When will we know if we’ve received the loan?

  • After the September 30th deadline, our board will meet to review and vote on which applicants are to receive the funds.

How will we receive the funds?

  • Once you are approved for your loan, and we agree on the terms/amount, then we will provide the full amount directly to the licensed attorney/agency you are working with at the time of placement of the child.  This is in order to stay within IRS guidelines and continue our tax exempt staus.

*** Extend Your Tent’s Interest Free Loan Program is based off a Covenant Agreement you will sign at the end of your application. This is an agreement your are entering into between us, God, and yourselves as brothers and sisters in Christ. If you are not able to, or decide not to return payment, your are hindering other children from finding their forever homes. To that end, if you are unable to make payment at any point of the repayment plan, please contact us immediately so we can discuss further terms.